Basic information


'Limehouse' for my purposes is an area in East London between (in the south) the north bank of the Thames and (in the north) Commercial Road.

In the west, I am treating Limehouse as extending to Wapping, which has its own website.

In the east, I am treating it as extending Limehouse LInk and Limehouse Cut.

Most buildings in this website are in the 'E14' postcode, usually 'E14 7' or 'E14 8'. Some properties towards Wapping are in the 'E1W" postcode.








This website is about property in Limehouse, but not all property in Limehouse.

I am covering historic converted warehouses and significant modern developments.

I am also covering flats only, not houses.












Tower Hamlets

Limehouse is within the London Borough of Tower Hamlets.

Tower Hamlet's website is

The local ward for Limehouse is Limehouse Ward.

Limehouse is part of the City and East Constituency for elections to the London Assembly.
























How local government in London works

London Boroughs

London is divided into London Boroughs. One of them is the London Borough of Tower Hamlets.

Most local services for residents are provided at London Borough level, rather than by central Government.


London Boroughs are divided into 'wards'. To become a councillor who sits on Tower Hamlets council, the councillor must be elected by the residents of a ward. This is similar to electing MPs for a particular constituency, who then sit in Parliament.


There is an over-arching body for London as a whole - the Greater London Authority ('GLA') - which generally deals with more strategic matters.

The Mayor of London

The Mayor of London is elected by direct votes of London residents every four years.

The London Assembly

The London Assembly is an elected watchdog for examining the Mayor's activities and decisions.

London Assembly constituencies

London is divided into constituencies for electing the 25 members of the London Assembly.







For elections to the UK Parliament, Wapping is part of the constituency of 'Poplar and Limehouse'.

Jim Fitzpatrick, Labour, has been Member of Parliament for the constituency since 1997.

Click here for Jim Fitzpatrick's website.

For elections to the European Parliament, Shad Thames is part of the London constituency which has eight MEPs.

























Conservation areas

Properties in the Wapping area may be within one of these conservation areas, or may be outside conservation areas altogether. You can check with Tower Hamlets Council.

  • Wapping Pierhead Conservation Area
  • Wapping Wall Conservation Area

If you google them you will find pdfs from Tower Hamlets Council explaining what they include.














What Conservation Areas are

A conservation area is an area of notable environmental or historical interest or importance, which is protected by law against undesirable changes

What it means to you as a resident

Living in a conservation area is beneficial to you as a resident because it allows the council to prevent unsuitable alterations to attractive and important buildings. This is done by making 'Article 4 directions' which impose restrictions and requirements.

Being in a conservation area can often mean increased property values, compared with areas outside.

If any external works are done to your building, it may be necessary to get specific permission from the Council first, even for works for which planning permission would not normally be required.

This is worth remembering if the flat owners jointly arrange maintenance of their building. You should check with the council for any Article 4 directions which apply.