Aberdeen Wharf, 94 Wapping High Street, Wapping, E1W 2ND


Aberdeen Wharf is a small converted warehouse. I believe it was once called Old Aberdeen Wharf, but now - that it is even older - it is usually called just Aberdeen Wharf. It was built by the Aberdeen Steam Navigation Company, who also had an Aberdeen Wharf in Limehouse. Our Aberdeen Wharf was constructed in 1843-44. (Maybe that was the 'new' one, and that's why our Aberdeen Wharf became the 'old' one.)

Aberdeen Wharf has an ornate white facade with Tuscan pilasters along the riverfront, but a more plain brick elevation to Wapping High Street.


The conversion of the Aberdeen Wharf warehouse to flats was carried out in 1998 to designs by Landmark Architecture, based in Wandsworth.


The freehold of Aberdeen Wharf is owned by Long Term Reversions Limited (Co. Regn. No. 395597). The very name almost guarantees this is an outside investor interesting in collecting ground rents.

But it seems that the residents of Aberdeen Wharf have exercised their right to take over the management and service charge collection for the building because a company called Old Aberdeen Wharf RTM Company Limited has been set up. ('RTM' means 'Right To Manage'.)

The company is registered at the offices of Rendell & Rittner who must be the managing agents for Aberdeen Wharf.


History. Aberdeen Wharf warehouse built 1843-4. Converted to residential in 1998. Landmark Architecture, architects.
Flats. 17 flats.
Lift. Yes, up a flight of stairs. The lift starts from the first floor.
Listed. Grade II.
Parking. Secure, allocated, underground parking in Aberdeen Wharf.
Special facilities. None.
Staff. No staff.
Freehold. External freeholder.
Management. Old Aberdeen Wharf RTM Company Limited. So residents have taken the management of the block away from the freeholder. Rendell & Rittner, managing agents.
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Floor Flats Nos.
0/1   1, 3
1   2, 4-6
2   7-8, 10-11
2/3   9, 12
3   13
3/4   14-17

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