Dundee Court, 73 Wapping High Street, Wapping, E1W 2YG


Dundee Court is on Wapping High Street at the corner of Dundee Street. Dundee Court was originally known as St John’s Wharves Warehouses.

Dundee Court is a Grade II listed building. The listing draws attention to its “segmental arched windows with small pane iron framed glazing, stone sills”.

Originally Dundee Court was the landside warehouse of a group of warehouses. The riverside warehouse was called St John’s Wharf. The two lattice girder gangways between the buildings at upper floor level still remain as a very attractive feature. They preserve the original hoists. As a Council report says: “This group of warehouses still preserve some of the cavernous, ravine-like quality which once characterised Wapping High Street.”


Dundee Court was converted to 48 flats in the 1986.

Dundee Court was originally five storeys high. A sixth floor was added as part of the conversion of Dundee Court in the early 1990s.


Headland Weald Freehold Limited have owned the freehold of Dundee Court since 1994.



History. St John’s Wharves Warehouses. Converted and renamed Dundee Court in 1986.
Flats. 48 flats. 1- to 3-bed flats.
Listed. Grade II.
Parking. Allocated parking in a ground level and underground level car park (with a car lift) at Dundee Court.
Special facilities.
Staff. Day-time concierge.
Freehold. External freeholder.
Management. When there is an external freeholder, it usually means that the management, maintenance and service charges are organised by the freeholder as landlord. Lamberts are Dundee Court's managing agents.
What these answers mean.


Floor Flats Nos.
1 7 1-7
2 7 8-14
3 7 15-21
4 10 22-31
5/6 10 32-41

The land registry says that there are also Nos. 42 and 43 on the 2nd floor of Dundee Court, and Nos. 44 to 45 on the 3rd floor of Dundee Court, but the board inside the foyer lists only the 41 flats as above.

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