Falconet Court, 123 Wapping High Street, Wapping, E1W 3NX


I would guess that Falconet Court was built in the early 1990s.


Since 2003 the freehold of Falconet Court has been owned by Falconet Court Freehold Limited (Co. Regn. No. 3901386). The specific name implies that the flat owners of Falconet Court decided to buy the freehold of their building, so that they would control management and maintenance themselves.


History. Purpose-built.
Flats. 21 flats.
Lift. Yes.
Parking. Secure parking at ground floor level at Falconet Court.
Special facilities. None.
Staff. None.
Freehold. Falconet Court Freehold Limited, owned by the flat owners.
Management. By Falconet Court flat owners through the freehold company.
What these answers mean.


Floor Flats Nos.
1   1-7
2   8-14
3   15-21

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