Gun Wharf, 124-130 Wapping High Street, Wapping, E1W 2NJ


Gun Wharf (as it is now called) is a relatively modern set of warehouses, constructed in the 1920s by Lichfield and Soundry. It replaced an 1870s warehouse called Sharpe's Wharf. The buildings were called 'Gun Wharves' or, more fully, 'Riverside Block Gun Wharves (A B C and D Warehouses'.

Gun Wharf is built from standard stock brick.There are wide openings at ground floor level to allow wagons to carry produce through the inside. There are original girder hoists and cranes on the exterior of Gun Wharf.


Barratt East London converted Gun Wharves to residential use in 1986 and gave the development the 'Gun Wharf' name. Frank Timothy and Crawley Hodgson were the designers.

When the warehouses were converted to residential use balconies were inserted in the original loading bays and many of the windows were replaced.


The freehold of Gun Wharf is registered in the name of Covent Garden GR Limited (Co. Regn. No. 6218868), who bought it for £49,200 in 2009. I would assume from the name that it is an external investor not a vehicle for the Gun Wharf residents.


History. Constructed in the 1920s. Converted to flats by Barratt East London in 1985. Frank Timothy and Crawley Hodgson, architects.
Flats. 68 flats.
Lift. Yes.
Listed. Grade II.
Parking. Secure underground parking at Gun Wharf. Spaces are not allocated. Blue or yellow badges for big or small vehicles are provided allowing use of appropriately sized spaces.
Special facilities.
Staff. Daytime porterage.
Freehold. External freeholder.
Management. When there is an external freeholder, maintenance and service charges are usually organised by the freeholder as landlord.
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Floor Flats Nos.
1 12 1-12
2 12 13-24
3 12 25-36
4 11 37-47
5 11 48-58
6 11 59-69
7 4 70-73


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