Hermitage Court, Knighten Street, Wapping, E1W 1PW


Hermitage Court in Knighten Street was built by Bovis Homes and 'Berkley House' (possibly Berkeley Homes?) in 1992. Hermitage Court was designed in-house by Bovis Homes Technical Services and by Pawson Williams, architects.

Hermitage Court won the Evening Standard New Homes Award 1992.


Knighten Street Freehold Company Limited (Co. Regn. No. 07616224) bought the freehold of Hermitage Court in 2013 for £625,000. Since the registered office is a flat in Hermitage Court, and given the very specific name, I assume this company is a vehicle for the Hermitage Court flat owners to buy the freehold.


History. Purpose built block 1992. Bovis Homes and 'Berkley House'. Designed by Bovis Homes Technical Services and Pawson Williams, architects.
Flats. 96 flats.
Lift. Yes.
Listed. No.
Parking. Secure, allocated, underground parking at Hermitage Court .
Special facilities. A communal courtyard.
Staff. Daytime concierge.
Freehold. Knighten Street Freehold Company Limited, owned by the flat owners of Hermitage Court .
Management. By Hermitage Court flat owners through the freehold company.
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Floor Flats Nos.
1 30 1-30
2 30 31-60*
3 25 61-84
4 12 85-96

* Nos. 55, 56, 57, and 59 are maisonettes on floors 2 and 3.

The Land Registry say there is a No. 97 on the second floor.

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