Ivory House, East Smithfield, Wapping, E1W 1AT


Ivory House is the last original warehouse left in St Katharine Dock. All the rest were destroyed during the Blitz. Ivory House is a beautiful Victorian warehouse building, now containing retail premises on the ground and basement floors, and flats in the storeys above.

Ivory House was constructed between 1858 and 1860 in 'Italianate' style, using yellow stock brick. Ivory House is ‘T’ shaped and stands on a similarly shaped jetty. The most noticeable features of Ivory House are a 'campanile' (tower) and a bell turret, both designed by George Aitchison, a well-known architect of the period.

Officially Ivory House was plain "Warehouse 1", but came to be known colloquially as the Ivory House, because it was devoted to storing ivory imported from around the world.


When Ivory House was converted by Taylor Woodrow in 1973, balconies were added, and the windows of the upper floors were altered considerably. The semi-circular openings on the top floor of Ivory House are not original; They were ‘blanks’ filled in with brick when Ivory House was constructed. (To prevent theft, warehouses had as few windows as possible.)

Ivory House is entered through an impressive double height reception hall. Many of the Ivory House apartments have retained large windows overlooking the Marina and also retain some of the original exposed brickwork.


The management and ownership structure of Ivory House is hard to work out. The freehold of Ivory House appears to be owned by Skil One Limited and Skil Two Limited. They created a leasehold interest for 150 years from 2004 in favour of Skil Three Limited and Skil Four Limited. These last two companies are the landlords of 37 flats at Ivory House which were sold off on long leases in the past.

I am told that day-to-day management at Ivory House is provided by RMG Residential Management Group.


History. Constructed 1858-1860. George Aitchison, architect. Converted by Taylor Woodrow 1973.
Flats. 36, 2-bed flats.
Lift. Yes.
Listed. Grade II.
Parking. Secure, allocated, underground parking is provided at City Quay, not under Ivory House.
Special facilities. No.
Staff. Day porterage.
Management. RMG Residential Management Group.
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Floor Flats Nos.
1 12 1-12
2 12 13-24
3 12 25-36

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