Metropolitan Wharf, 70 Wapping Wall, Wapping, E1W 3SS


Metropolitan Wharf as it is today was originally four separate buildings simply called warehouses 'A', 'B', 'C', and 'D'.

Warehouse 'A' (Nos. 70-72) was built in 1862-3. Warehouses 'B' and 'C' (Nos. 73-74) were built in 1864–5. The name 'Metropolitan Wharf' originally applied just to those buildings. Warehouse 'D' (No. 75 Wapping Wall) was built in 1898-9. From about 1900 onwards all four warehouses were called 'Metropolitan Wharf'.

The Metropolitan Wharf buildings were constructed with standard bricks with a steel structure. The architectural style of Metropolitan Wharf was standard Victorian design and the earlier three warehouses have decorative cornices and pediments. Some of the original hoisting equipment at Metropolitan Wharf remains in place.

From the 1960s, Metropolitan Wharf was used as workshops and studio space, mainly for architects and artists and the buildings of Metropolitan Wharf fell into disrepair.


Metropolitan Wharf was refurbished in 2008. The designs were by Hawkins and Brown, architects. That scheme produced a restaurant and retail premises at ground floor level, and some flats on upper floors of Metropolitan Wharf. There was a later conversion of the unfinished top floors of Metropolitan Wharf by UK Real Estate after they bought the building in 2009.


The freehold of Metropolitan Wharf also includes buildings in Coleman Close, Monza Street and Monza Place. The freeholder is UK Real Estate Ltd (Co. Regn. No. 01996553) which paid £7,000,000 plus VAT for it all in 2009.


History. Built as four warehouses 1862-1899. Converted to retail and residential in 2008. Hawkins and Brown, architects.
Flats. 8 flats. 6 storeys.
Lift. Yes.
Listed. Grade II.
Parking. Some parking may be available in Prospect Place. There is none in Metropolitan Wharf.
Special facilities. None.
Staff. Daytime concierge.
Freehold. External freeholder.
Management. When there is an external freeholder, maintenance and service charges are usually organised by the freeholder as landlord.
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