Pelican Wharf, 58 Wapping Wall, Wapping, E1W 3SL


'Pelican' is an unusual name for a wharf, but there is local relevance. There was a Pelican Wharf in Victorian times, which did not survive. There is also 'Pelican Stairs', which is a set of ancient stairs down to the river near the Prospect of Whitby pub.

Pelican Wharf was designed by Shepheard Epstein & Hunter, architects, and built in 1986-7.


The freehold of Pelican Wharf is registered in the name of Pelican Wharf Residents Society Limited, so it would seem that the flat owners in Pelican Wharf own the freehold of their building through the company. But unusually this is not a usual type of company; it is an 'industrial and provident society' - a kind of cooperative which must operate for the benefit of its members. It's unusual but it sounds like a very appropriate structure for residents to hold their freehold. The company acquired the freehold of Pelican Wharf in 2003.


History. Modern building.
Flats. 13 flats.
Lift. Yes.
Listed. No.
Parking. Secure allocated covered parking.
Special facilities. No.
Staff. None.
Freehold. Pelican Wharf Residents Society Limited, owned by the flat owners of Pelican Wharf
Management. By Pelican Wharf flat owners through the freehold company. Rendall & Rittner are Pelican Wharf's managing agents.
What these answers mean.


Floor Flats Nos.
1 3 1-3
2 3 4-6
3 3 7-9
4 3 10-12
5 1 13

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