Pennington Court, 40 The Highway, Wapping, E1W 2SD


Pennington Court was built in 1987-89.


Since 1991 the freehold of Pennington Cour has been held by P. C. R. A. Limited. I am guessing that is short for Pennington Court Residents Association. So the freehold is effectively owned by the flat owners of Penningto Court.

There is also a company called Pennington Court Services Limited which was at one time registered at Pennington Court.


History. Built 1987-89.
Flats. 27 flats.
Lift. Yes.
Listed. No.
Parking. Secure off-street parking.
Special facilities.
Freehold. P. C. R. A. Limited, owned by the flat owners.
Management. By flat owners through the freehold company. Rendall & Rittner are the managing agents.
What these answers mean.


Floor Flats Nos.
0 6 1-6
1 7 7-13
2 7 14-20
3-4 7 21-27

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