President’s Quay House, 72 St Katharine’s Way, Wapping, E1W 1UF


President's Quay House is a purpose-built block close to St Katharine Dock. President's Quay House was constructed in 1985 in 'warehouse style'.

The penthouses at President's Quay House have glass roofs like pyramids which are a distinctive feature of this block.


I am told that Royal Naval Reserve used to be the freeholder of President's Quay House and still operate from the lower levels of the building. President's Quay House Freehold Limited is now the freeholder, and I understand that it is a company formed by President's Quay House's flat owners.


History. Purpose-built block. Built 1985.
Flats. Flats on the 3rd to 5th floors.
Lift. Yes.
Listed. No
Parking. Secure, allocated, underground parking within President's Quay House.
Special facilities. No.
Staff. Daytime concierge.
Freehold. President's Quay House Freehold Limited, owned by the flat owners of President's Quay House.
Management. By President's Quay House flat owners through the freehold company. Rendall & Rittner are President's Quay House's managing agents.
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