Prusom’s Island, 135 Wapping High Street, Wapping, E1W 3NH


Prusom's lsland was a Victorian warehouse.


Prusom's lsland was converted to flats in the mid-1980s by Wates Built Homes. Swinhoe Measures Partnership were the architects.

The Prusom's lsland scheme earned the Housing Design Award in 1989.

The conversion of Prusom's lsland was carried out as part of Wates' overall scheme, the main part of which was the building of Towerside.


Prusoms Management Limited became the freehold owner of Prusom's lsland in 1994. I assume this was a vehicle for the Prusom's lsland flat owners to buy the building.


History. Warehouse conversion by Wates Built Homes. Swinhoe Measures Partnership, architects.
Flats. 35 flats.
Lift. Yes.
Listed. Grade II.
Parking. Secure, allocated, underground parking at Prusom's lsland (not the open spaces outside).
Special facilities. No.
Staff. Daytime porter.
Freehold. Prusoms Management Limited, owned by the flat owners in Prusom's lsland.
Management. By Prusom's lsland flat owners through the freehold company. Rendall & Rittner are Prusom's lsland's managing agents.
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