Quay 430, Asher Way, Wapping, E1W 2JF


Quay 430 was built in 1989-93 by Regalian on the site of a historic dock, called the Western Dock, which was created during the Napoleonic Wars.

Quay 430 covers about 16 acres overall and it contains 306 flats, as well as garages and parking spaces, and extensive garden areas.

Quay 430's flats are divided among seven buildings: Tradewinds Court, Spice Court, Leeward Court, China Court, Tamarind Yard, Cape Yard and Bridgeport Place.

The Quay 430 residents have an excellent website, which is informative and well thought out. (But I still couldn't find out why it is called 'Quay 430'!)


The flat owners of Quay 430 set up Quay 430 Freehold Limited (Co. Regn. No.02926717) which bought the freehold of Quay 430 from Regalian Homes in 1994.

Management of the Quay 430 estate is organised by an elected board of Quay 430 flat owners. Quay 430 has its own Building Manager and support staff. The day-to-day running of the Quay 430 estate is handled by the managing agents, Rendall and Rittner.


History. Built 1989-93 by Regalian.
Flats. 306 flats.
Lift. Yes.
Listed. No.
Parking. Some garage spaces, some open parking spaces at Quay 430.
Special facilities. Private gardens.
Staff. Building manager and staff
Freehold. Quay 430 Freehold Limited, owned by the flat owners of Quay 430.
Management. Quay 430 flat owners. Rendall and Rittner are Quay 430's managing agents.
Website. www.quay430.co.uk
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Buildings Nos.
Bridgeport Place 1-20
Cape Yard 1-24
China Court 1-70
Leeward Court 1-66
Spice Court 1-53
Tamarind Yard 1-24
Trade Winds Court 1-39

There must be some more flats not yet registered.



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