St John’s Wharf, 104-106 Wapping High Street, Wapping, E1W 2PR


St John's Wharf was originally a Victorian warehouse building - 'K' Warehouse at St John's Wharf. Sometime in the past, the ground floor workshops of St John's Wharf were turned into the Captain Kidd pub.

St John's Wharf was seriously damaged by fire in 1974.


The upper parts of St John's Wharf were converted to residential use in 1984. The new development of St John's Wharf was made round an internal courtyard. The developer was Middlemead Limited.

The architects were Gothard Menton Partnership. They won the RIBA North East Thames Architectural Society Award for the project. (While that does sound a bit like the First Block On The Left Past The Newsagents Award it shows some fellow architects thought it was a good conversion.)


When the redevelopment of St John's Wharf took place the developer leased all the common and structural parts of the building for 100 years to (I am guessing) a residents' management company. That was not a perfect arrangement, especially as there are now only 70 years left, and falling.

But since 2003 the freehold of St John's Wharf has been owned by St John's Wharf Freehold Limited, whose registered office is in St John's Wharf, so it seems clear that the flat owners clubbed together to buy the freehold of St John's Wharf, so that they would control management and maintenance of their building themselves.


History. Warehouse conversion 1982 by Middlemead Limited. Gothard Menton Partnership, architects
Flats. 22 flats.
Lift. Yes.
Listed. Grade II.
Parking. Secure, allocated, underground parking at St John's Wharf.
Special facilities. No.
Staff. Daytime concierge.
Freehold. St John's Wharf Freehold Limited, owned by the flat owners of St John's Wharf.
Management. By St John's Wharf flat owners through the freehold company.
What these answers mean.


Floor Flats Nos.
G 1 GA
1 4 1A-1D
2 4 2A-2D
3 4 3A-3D
4 4 4A-4D
5 2 5A-5B
5/6 2 5C-5D
6 1 6A

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