About me

I was a property lawyer for 40 or so years. Most of it with my own firm, Barretts Solicitors in Grays Inn Road.

I have always been interested in property, particularly in London. I wrote a couple of books - on South Kensington and Notting Hill. And as a matter of fact I've got a Kindle book on Amazon at the moment: "How To Sell Your Property".

Another sort of hobby I drifted into was websites. I live in the Barbican. One Christmas, in 2001, I had to cancel my holiday plans for some reason, and with nothing else to do I thought it would be fun to create a website on the Barbican Estate.

You can see it at barbicanliving.co.uk. (I went a bit over the top - There's a 'history of concrete' in there somewhere.)

Having nominally retired, I thought it would also be interesting to do websites on other estates and neighbourhoods, and I have now done several.

Even more ambitious is a project for a website covering all the flat developments along the river from Hammersmith Bridge to where the Thames probably falls off the edge of the known world beyond the O2. I haven't ventured that far yet.

Returning to this website, there was only so much information and data I have been able to find, and so I am afraid there are a lot of gaps.

People have always been very kind in helping me fill in the gaps in my researches with information and documentation. If you have got anything you could help me with - developers' brochures, management information - I really would appreciate it. It would allow me to make the site more complete, and correct my mistakes.